Maintenance mistakes

Given the range of hard floor types and finishes, and the number of products and different machines used to keep floors clean and maintained, it’s not difficult for mistakes to occur. One common mistake is the tendency of some maintenance workers to spend great amounts of time and energy stripping and preparing a floor, but skimping on the amount of finish they use. If this is done, simply walking some of the finish off will expose the substrate.

Focus on high traffic areas

Another is the tendency, sometimes a result of actions by building owners or managers, to under-utilize equipment, such as automatic scrubbers. This may be a cheaper alternative, but it isn’t the most effective. Experts estimate that it pays to switch to an automatic scrubber once a maintenance engineer is spending more than about 3.5 hours per shift scrubbing floors, as his or her time will be spent more productively.

What’s more, today’s scrubbers come in various sizes, making them easier to use in different types of spaces. Some are just 14 inches wide, and can quickly navigate restrooms and hospital rooms.