Pros and cons of flooring types 

No flooring type is entirely without shortcomings. Vinyl composition tile, for instance, requires a fair amount of maintenance, but tends to cost less initially. Other floors, such as terrazzo and stone, need less maintenance but cost more up front. For example, experts estimate that maintenance costs on vinyl composition tile might run about $1.50 per square foot per year.


Maintenance mistakes

Some types of flooring, such as tile, can be slippery. Given the risk of slip-and-fall injuries and lawsuits, manufacturers have been working to develop products that counter this tendency. For instance, some manufacturers are grinding different materials, such as natural rock, and mixing the grounds into the floor finish to make it rougher.

Choosing a floor finish also means taking evaluating trade-offs. For example, softer wax finishes offer more shine, but require more maintenance. Harder waxes last longer, but don’t offer the same shine. They often are used in facilities located in northern climates, given the amount of scrubbing required to clean the snow and slush that’s tracked in.